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Property Management Solutions

Customer Care is more than just a phone being answered.

Customer Care is the heart of your operations and is the real reason many of your residents renew their lease (resident retention). In addition, utilizing a call center to handle your customer service can also improve employee satisfaction on the job (employee retention).

  • 24/7/365 Operation
  • *NEW* 24/7/365 "LIVE WEB-SITE CHAT"
  • Custom solutions available for you
  • Low abandon rate and wait times
  • Quality control auditing
  • Call recording available for quality control
  • Audit calls off-site
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Choose dedicated ticket system or
    shared to lower costs
  • Bilingual agents
  • Custom inbound scripts available on a per property basis. Useful to advertise move in specials.
  • Improve Operations
  • One Call. Resolved.
  • Pre-Lease screening available
  • Satisfaction surveys available
  • Dedicated or shared cost agents
  • Access to live reports
  • Custom inbound caller ID's so agent can immediately identify the property
  • Outbound campaigns available for resident notifications

Value In Service

Incorporating Customer Care enhances the ability to focus on growth and not operations.

Easy. Simple. Start Today. Grow Today.
Customer Care can be implemented overnight turning your properties into 24/7/365 leasing properties.

Why wait?

Proving That 'Speed Equals Success'

'Speed Equals Success' OCH is committed to enhancing your overall customer care experience with 24 X 7 X 365 customer service operations that will lead to greater growth and profits.

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What Clients Are Saying
"We do not see business done any other way. Our sales are up by 23%."

"The only natural growth solution."