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Leadership within our organization (O'Connor & Hall) understands to be pro-active and this is due-in-part to the generative leadership of our CEO. Prior to sustainability becoming mainstream...our organization, in 2004, had incorporated new technologies (VOIP) in the establishment of our near-shore operation (Montego Bay, Jamaica) in order to reduce the costs of doing business and in creating new jobs for the local community (social responsibility). In addition, leadership understood “Implementing sustainability development practices results in new thinking and new models that involve leadership, ethical and spiritual choices, a paradigm shift in thinking about business role and involvement and an evolving consciousness” (Simms, 2009, p.353). This new thinking lead to a disruptive innovation in the design of our organization's software (eliminating the vendor's software costs) and in the design of our organization's predictive dialer (eliminating the vendor's dialer costs). Furthermore, the organization has diversified (opening new markets) into providing 24/7/365 Customer Care, which has allowed our organization to help the 37th largest Property Management company (The Lynd Company) turn into the 34th largest Property Management company ( within one year. Thus, igniting customer passion and loyalty (social responsibility). Equally important for the organization's sustainability, our IT Department just completed a total transformation of our phone system by creating our own telephony (eliminating the vendor's PBX costs) and switching over to being fully fiber optic, which lowers our phone bill. More importantly, leadership has plans to market and launch our software, hardware, and telephony in the first quarter of 2011 to hopefully, off set the expected tax increases. Bottom line, the function of our organization in society is Customer Care (service), which is exactly what Mary Parker Follett, management prophet, believed and taught (Simms, 2009).


Simms, M. (2009). Insights from a management prophet: Mary parker follett on social entrepreneurship. Business and Society review, 114, 349-363.

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